Demos & Rough Mixes
You can't beat a bit of rough.
 This page will provide links to unfinished stuff. Some of it may be finished at some time in the future, other bits will never be finished.
 First, some new ones from Mathew:
 Lydia Chlamydiaupdated[MP3] 
 Lydia Chlamydiaoriginal demo[MP3] 
 Genial woman, 47, seeks ten pin bowling enthusiastupdated[MP3] 
 Genial woman, 47, seeks ten pin bowling enthusiastoriginal demo[MP3] 
 Maxim Tsigalko[MP3] 
 And a really old one:
 If I can't have you I'll have somebody elseRough mix of the song variously known as Sean & Joanne then Descending Together mainly put together to try out Ed's new Line6 gear.[MP3]
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