Disciples of Spess : Discography
The recorded history.
YearCat. No.LabelFormatTitleTracksSleeveNotes
1984SPec1DOSCass.In Spession1. Always the same
2. Big after Christmas
3. Anna
The best music to come out of Mold since Dave Pollard dropped his guitar on Rush's foot.
1985SPec2DOSCass.Another New Iceland1. Another New Iceland
2. Sean & Joanne
Specially produced for sale at the Deeside High School Rock Festival.
1986SPec3DOSCass.Here1. Here
2. The child with the mirror
Unreleased but famously billed as a "Double B side" and listing T.R.Desmond, our drum machine as a Bacardi & coke drinker!
1987DOS5Grimble7" Another New Iceland1. Another New Iceland
2. Here
The rotting corpse of Ewloe Castle insists, "the force is strong in this one."
1987cDOS6GrimbleCass.N/A1. Freedom Prisoner
2. Desecration Situation
Freedom Prisoner was later re-titled "What little girls are made of."
2003DOSCD07GrimbleCDSN/A1. Big After Christmas
2. Tequila Cottage
3. Valentine
After 16 years, the third official release on Grimble Records!
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