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02/10/2009 Just like buses, you wait more than a year for a Spess gig and then two turn up at once! We'll be opening proceedings at this In The City Official Fringe Event 2009 it's at Kings Arms, Bloom St., Manchester, M3 6AN and we're on stage at 6:15pm with a 25 minute showcase of our most rocking tunes. An excellent opportunity to catch some top unsigned talent and all for free. See you there.
04/09/2009Spess ride again! Our first official gig for more than a year will be on Saturday 26th September, 2009 in Ed's home village and, more importantly, at his local pub The Black Bull all being well we will be "on stage" at around 9pm so get there early to ensure disappointment.
18/02/2008Finally, it gives us great pleasure to announce another Spess gig. Along with Ian Rush we've put together a dream ticket of Mold music that would only be bettered by the inclusion of Wine Bar stalwarts "Dump Truck". The date for your diaries is Saturday 3rd May, 2008 and the venue is Mold Rugby Club.

It is our sincere hope that we will have a small gift for everyone in attendance, namely a very limited run Spess CD. Watch this space for ticket info and more details as they emerge.
24/09/2007Back from another weekend with Ding at 6dB Studio and with three of our target tunes recorded. We present, for your listening pleasure:
  1. Genial woman, 47 seeks ten pin bowling enthusiast
  2. Lydia Chlamydia
  3. Chloe
We're well pleased with the results, let us know what you think.
03/09/2007I know, I know, nearly 10 months have passed since the last piece of news was posted! In all honesty, most of our online activity these days is conducted by Mathew on MySpace and what a great job he's doing adding Stranglers fans and attractive women to our friends!
Well, we're going back to see Ding at 6dB Studios again later this month and we plan to tackle the following tunes from the ever expanding Spess catalogue:
  1. Lydia Chlamydia
  2. Genial woman, 47 seeks ten pin bowling enthusiast
  3. Chloe
  4. Last night a cleaner saved my life*
* This will be a new, re-structured version.
We're looking forward to another successful weekend, let's see if Ding can work his magic again.
20/11/2006On Saturday we played a few songs for our great friend Dave Kelly at his 40th birthday bash. In the expansive and illustrious surroundings of Buckley Cricket Club we managed to inflict the following on the assembled throng:
  1. Big after Christmas
  2. This song will get me over you
  3. I was a teenage Disciple of Spess
  4. Here*
  5. 10 Places (to make love in Mold.)*
  6. Tequila Cottage*
  7. Another New Iceland**

* Featuring Andy Williams on drums
** Featuring Dave Kelly

Another New Iceland was an "interesting" rendition hailed as a "complete shambles" by guitar behemoth Ieuan Jones so that's a result!
01/08/2006Unbelievably and against all the odds, we succeeded in recording 5 (yes, FIVE) tunes this weekend. Due in no small part to the expertise and agility of the wonderfully named Ding we can now present for your listening pleasure:
  1. Here
  2. W.W.M.S.D.
  3. I was a teenage Disciple of Spess
  4. 10 Places (to make love in Mold.)
  5. Mermaid, Light, Fish, Flower

We are also seriously considering changing the name. It's been with us for 23 years now and we're neither the same as people nor musically as we were then. Watch this spess;-)
21/07/2006STUDIO TIME AGAIN Yes, Disciples of Spess are heading back into the studio. Taking advantage of an unbelievably good offer from 6dB Studio we will try to record some of our new songs. I say "try" because we're not just any band, we're Disciples of Spess and these things are always more taxing for us.

It is our intention to capture:
  • Mermaid, Light, Fish, Flower
  • W.W.M.S.D.
  • I was a teenage Disciple of Spess
  • 10 Places (to make love in Mold.)
  • and, for our older fans, a new version of "Here" from our 1987 single.
We'll see... July 29th & 30th are the important dates and expect some of the work to show up here soon.
19/05/2006A big Spess Thank you to Rowland Cutler for featuring us in his DarkCompass podcasts #192 and #195.
29/12/2005As our American friends are wont to say "Happy holiday!"
29/11/2005Oh dear, how long is it since the last update?! Well, we've done a bit more rehearsing, playing some nice acoustic versions of a few tunes with the youngest member of the Seamarks clan assisting on drums. And very fine they sound too.

In an attempt to grow some sort of online network, we've created a Disciple Of Spess page on My Space this gives us a blog if we can be bothered and more ways to meet and greet our adoring public!

No gig news to report, although we should be playing in the first quarter of 2006 all being well.

L8R, Ed.
26/05/2005Busy, busy, busy. DoS.com moves to a new home and the band continue to sharpen up their repertoire. Resurrected a couple of VERY old favourites in readiness for any live performance that might come our way. We had a little warm up for Mathew's 40th back in March and have been practising harder then ever with lots of lovely new equipment. Expect much more acoustic stuff when we next play.

This Song Will Get Me Over You was playlisted on BuRBS radio and yet another JIFB version is taking shape in the bowels of the GrimbleTech digital production facility.

Be patient, all things come to those who wait...
14/12/2004OK, the first proper mixes of Cleaner and This Song are now available in the Music area. Completed at 0130hrs this morning and sounding very fresh. We haven't decided what to do with them yet, could be another home made CD single; might try to secure a proper release, who knows!
06/12/2004DoS have just completed a gruelling weekend in HD1 Studios working with Steve Whitfield. We've recorded three tunes:-
  1. This Song Will Get Me Over You
  2. Last Night A Cleaner Saved My Life
  3. Jesus In Football Boots
'Cleaner' and 'This song' will be available very soon, we'll have to wait and see about JIFB!
21/07/2004I know, I know... It's beginning to look like this site is never updated! No excuses, just slack. Anyway, we have done a bit of stuff this year, honest. Played a gig for Gareth's 40th birthday bash at the Irish Association Social Club in Chorlton. Bought and sold some gear and started work on our next recorded output.
We've been featured on The Bopst Show on WCLM 1450 in Richmond, VA. Many thanks to Chris, respect is due.
22/12/2003Season's Greetings from Grimble Records and Disciples of Spess. There's no stopping Mathew at the moment, he's added another two songs to the Spess canon:
  • Last night a cleaner saved my life
  • One last step (before a very long fall.)
Also still in need of attention is the unfinished classic Tuesday Night.
02/12/2003A very minor update, a couple of changes to the site and news that DoS are to start rehearsing our new set very soon. Tunes to look out for include:
  • Dr Mboso Tuku
  • WWMSD (What would Mathew Seamarks Do?)
  • The only girl in French Club
Also, the 2003 remix of Jesus in Football Boots is nearing completion, the demo should make it onto the music page very soon.

While you wait for that to happen you might want to check out the mildly amusing WWJD page here, enjoy. Bye for now.
09/10/2003Guess what, nothing to report! I promise that there will be some activity very soon, watch this space...
02/07/2003Re-skinning of the site now complete, hope you like the new look. Thanks go to Dave Kelly for his excellent design work on the CD single that inspired the new look.

Now it's time to find some more up to date pictures which properly reflect the ravages of time on our boyish looks!
25/06/2003Started a facelift for the site to bring it into line with our new corporate branding:-) CD Singles will be available very soon. Priced at 3.00 + p&p (variable) and representing excellent value for money. See the SpesShop page for more info.
30/05/2003Gig News: 11th July 2003 is the next date for your crowded social calendar. Supporting Six Ton Dog in a charity concert at Mold Ex-Serviceman's club. Get there early to avoid disappointment!

Just for the hell of it we are hoping to get some CD singles made up for the event, watch this space for further info.
28/04/2003Just back from Charlton Farm recording studio after a most enjoyable and productive weekend. Check out the Spess music page to hear the fruits of our labours.
07/03/2003First update of '03 and more than four months since the last update... reprehensible I know.
Two items of interest:
1. Spess are going back into the studio!
Yes, at the end of April we'll be squandering more of our hard earned cash in an effort to capture the new found professionalism of the Spess sound. Probably recording 3 or four tracks from our current live set but hopefully finding room for "I was a teenage Disciple of Spess" and/or "10 places to make love in Mold" both newly penned by The Seam.
2. Frenzied activity on the digitizing front, nearly every studio recording by Spess has now been converted into 1's and 0's and there is good progress on the video archive.
Some of this stuff might well find its way onto the web-site in due course.
28/10/2002Well, it happened... Hangovers have now subsided and on reflection it was a pretty good night. Thanks to Jamie, Ieuan et al for standing in at such short notice and putting in an excellent performance. Farming Incident were also well received and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The full Spess set list was as follows:
1. Always the same 2002 (Inst.)
2. Jesus in football boots
3. This song will get me over you
4. Valentine
5. Still waiting
6. Young poet loses his fringe
7. Big after Christmas
8. Ocean
9. Tequila cottage
10. If I can't have you I'll have somebody else
1. Tequila cottage
2. Big after Christmas
3. If I can't have you...
24/10/2002Sadly, The Walloping Donkeys will now be unable to appear. We are currently negotiating with surprise special guests to ensure that you still have three bands to enjoy. Tickets will of course be available on the door, (assuming we haven't sold out by then.)
01/10/2002Added the (M)Old Skool splash page, tickets should now be available from Clwyd Theatr Cymru, try their Box Office on 0845 330 3565. Also added an accommodation list get it booked!
23/09/2002The updates should come thick and fast over the next few weeks. Added more to the SpesStory pages just to keep you amused. Still waiting for confirmation that tickets are available from Theatr Clwyd. Watch this space...
18/09/2002OK, details as promised. October 26th 2002 at the Clwyd Room, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold.
The (m)Old Skool - A Grimble International Entertainment Event
Line-up confirmed:
Doors open at 7pm with the first band on stage at 8. Tickets will be a very reasonable 6.50 which will barely cover our costs! We hope to have a late bar so there's no excuse for you not to be there. No news on ticket availability yet, you should be able to buy them direct from the bands or from the Theatr Box Office 0845 330 3565 and hopefully through their online booking system. Also coming soon, a list of suitable accommodation for those of you travelling long distances for this historical event.
01/08/2002No backing out now, the gig's on! All being well, you'll be able to book tickets on-line at the Clwyd Theatr Cymru web-site at the moment the line-up consists of DoS and Farming Incident with a well known Mold band to be confirmed!
06/03/2002Spess Live 2002 Assuming nobody drops out, DoS will be playing live at Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold on Saturday 26th October, 2002. Put it in your diary and tell all your friends!
14/01/2002It's some time since the last update but the first part of the Spess Gigography is now complete, (21/4/83 - 20/2/87,) much more to follow.
21/11/2001The first parts of the Grimble Archive added, hilarious pictures of all the SpessBoys.
13/11/2001There are likely to be some interesting developments in the GrimbleVerse™ very soon.

Most notably, a reunion gig has been mooted. This is likely to take place next Summer at the earliest and could conceivably feature other notable bands from Mold circa 1988.

Watch this space!
12/11/2001Live chat room added, let's get talking.
01/11/2001DisciplesOfSpess.com goes live!
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